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Question Return of Blouse
AnswerWe hope that you will be satisfied with every purchase, but if the blouse doesn’t satisfy you or doesn’t fit, you have 15 days to send it back to us. To receive the reimbursement of money, you need to pack back a clean blouse with all labels attached and all-the-buttons in place. No stains, no rupture, no damage

The process of return and full refund is simple. Follow this steps:

  • Sign up on our website. Fill your return request in “My account” section. Or write an e-mail to our Customer Service.
  • Decide on your return method and use the service of any post-office you like. Download and print the return applique and attach it to the package. Or download and fill the return form and send it to our Customer Support.

Question Exchange Service
AnswerAfter we receive and process your refund request, you will get a confirmation e-mail. Please take into consideration that exchange services are not provided. You can always place a  separate order one more time and introduce your desired modifications.
To insert the return label, access “My-Account” and select Return Label.

  • Choose your order and click “label to return”;
  • Opt for either a full refund or a credit note;
  • After confirmation, your request is validated and you can download the label.
    If you still have questions or something doesn’t work, feel free to contact our Customer Service. Share any difficulties, any troubles.

Question Refund. Confirmation of refund. Reimbursement Time
AnswerAn e-mail with notification will be sent to you when we receive your package. The price for return is …. and it will be withdrawn from the soon-to-receive-refund. Give permission 8-10 days for our team to analyse your return packet.
The refund will be offered in the same method you paid. Or you can choose the reimbursement in form of gift card or credit note. For this duration have the receipt in possession as the return is your responsibility until it arrives to us.
Question Small Defect. My blouse is injured
AnswerWe control all processes of creating your blouse and we guide our team to always perform their best. But in case our blouse has a small defect, immediately contact our  Customer Support Service. All we need is the photo of your blouse, the number of order and the description of the trouble. We will use these details to solve the difficulty in the most optimal and effective way.
Question Route of return
AnswerTrack the routing in My-Account. The following information will be presented : the number of order, your tracking number, time of request (day and hour) and the chosen refund option. Status is either pending or processed. 
Question Delivery package
AnswerWe are in the process of creating an effective package that will deliver your blouse safely. Additionally, we look for materials that will make it easy to recycle and re-use.
Question Your Account
AnswerWelcome to AmarenaSecret World

Give “life” to an account.
To create an account, all you need is to choose between e-mail address authentication or connection via Facebook profile. For the future operation, you introduce e-mail address and password either simply Facebook-Connect.

Question Setup Shipping Adresses
AnswerWe respect your time, therefore you can save your delivery addresses and  avoid re-entering addresses over and over again on your future orders.
Question Edit Personal Details
AnswerIf you would like to update, change or delete your information and password, click on My-Info and feel free to maneuver your own little world on AmarenaSecret Profile.
Question Reset My Password
AnswerTo recover the unremembered password, enter your e-mail and click on the “Forgot your password?” section. We will send you an e-mail that allows you to reset it.
Question Your Whish-List
AnswerBuild up your personal collection of favored-blousses. Click on the heart on the page of each item and create your shopping To-Do-List. The products are reserved for you, therefore don’t be surprised if someone liked it as well and was a little bit faster. If something is sold out, it’s a sign to discover other blouses. Modify, adapt, open your heart to choice.
Question Delivery
AnswerThe duration of our delivery can vary from 5 to 7 days, for a bit longer in the period of Sale and High Season. Please consider that the final delivery duration and costs are determined by your regional Custom and Administrative regulations. 
Question Size Guidance

  • In order to be sure in your final choice
  • In favour of a certain final choice
  • In pursuance of beyond doubt final choice…

….you can download our size chart.  However in the description of each blouse, we introduce an additional tip in case you need to consider a smaller or a bigger size. You are invited to consult our Customer Support for some personalized pieces of advice for your unique silhouette.

Question To Reserve a Blouse
AnswerWhen you add a blouse to your basket, it is set on hold for 30 minute. After 30 minutes and 3 seconds it is available for other customers as well

So, if you’ve fallen in love with a blouse at first sight, think responsibly, but not for too long. Let the feelings speak and order it ^^

In any case if your blouse is not available anymore, give a chance to other charming pieces from our collection as well. Take your time.

Question Modify The Order
AnswerThrough the period that our team is receiving your request, you can add and delete blouses from your basket. For additional modification, cancel the entire order and start the process one more time.
Question Cancel the Order
AnswerOur Team begins to take care of your order straight away in order to maintain an effective and mindful service. But if you need to delete your order after it has been placed, you are being offered 60 minutes to do it.
Question Group the Blouses
AnswerIf you’ve ordered within 24 hours a number of separate blouses and you’ve introduced the same shipping address and payment method, it is possible to group the items. Your final order is an assembly of joined blouses with one shipping cost.
Question Order Approval
AnswerAfter your order is received by our team, it will appear as published in My-Order section. The next step is to check your e-mail for the confirmation message. In a recap, you will be informed one more time about your final quantity of acquired items and the number of your purchase.
Question Order Approval
AnswerAfter your order is received by our team, it will appear as published in My-Order section. The next step is to check your e-mail for the confirmation message. In a recap, you will be informed one more time about your final quantity of acquired items and the number of your purchase.