To choose the right shirt according to the figure, it is necessary to take into account the cut, the type and color. There are different body types and it is important choose right clothes according to your own body type.

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Any shirt is suitable for the hourglass figure, especially in combination with a wide belt. An elegant shirt for full women looks good in combination with a classic skirt. But for such form of body is not recommended to wear a transparent shirt.

For wide hips, shirts with a square or round neckline are suitable, if narrow, shoulders, then buy a shirt with lining for wide shoulders.

If a woman has wide shoulders, blouses will not suit her. Focus on your hips and waist while hiding your shoulders. This can be achieved with a V-neckline on a shirt without overdoing it with sexuality.

For narrow hips and shoulders, choose a blouse that is extended to the bottom of the asymmetric cut, avoiding stretching the figure to the top. Try high-waisted blouses without drawing attention to the waist. The sleeve should be long, regardless of the length of your hands.

For girls with a full waist, it is recommended hiding the waist, especially with the figure of an apple. Do not buy a size larger shirt, as it will disfigure your form body. Take a closer look at the high-waisted trapezium shirts or those that cut to the bottom with all kinds of draperies and folds around the waist, and the hips – they will perfectly hide the flaw.

And remember, that full, round shapes on top and bottom will make you look a bit more round.

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