“The story of our atelier begins 22 years ago, when a family matier become more than just a business. I was 19 when I proposed to my father to help him run some stores, but he did not find my proposal appropriate. That made me ambitious, wanting to show that I could do something too. A few years later, I was already working 16 hours a day for a private company. 20 years ago I decided to take control over family inheritance and so was born Portavita.  https://portavita.md/  I was 22 years old. In order for the world to believe me to be more mature and to take me more seriously, I was constantly walking in jackets with bigger shoulders, I was saying that I was 26 years old – an age that seemed more credible then.

Since 2000, Portavita has devoted itself to clothes manufacturing and it has always struggle to accompany as closely as possible the growth that has taken place within the sector. The constant updating of technological equipment and production processes, along with the training and motivation of the human resources involved, mean that Portavita manufacturing units have achieved a degree of efficiency which place us among the most successful competitors in the sector on a national level.” –  Lilia Ragonaet, founder of Portavita

Portavita was developed with the idea of creating new labour spaces for people, now there are working together 400 workers for creating high quality clothes. Portavita is located in Chisinau, the capital of Republic of Moldova https://moldova.md/en , and is one of the most important textile-manufacturing regions in our country. It is important to underline the country’s excellent geographical position, as it is located  near to European countries with a developed market. This gives the advantage of functioning a good market relationship.

Being a rural country with craft traditions, the Republic of Moldova is a source of inspiration for us. Rich in hills, vineyards, rocks https://traveltriangle.com/blog/places-to-visit-in-moldova/  Moldova is famous in the world as a fertile country producing wine. And not a simple one, but the one that will be appreciated by the most capricious sommelier. His production process is a huge art https://exoticwinetravel.com/moldovan-wine-introduction/ . As the quality of the wine largely depends on the manufacturing technology, Portavita follows the same principles. The classic technologies used to sew clothes (handmade) as well as modern ones (sewing machines) are perfectly combined in production to result in a product of the highest quality.

Some of the factors which contribute to Portavita’s success are: the ever increasing area of services we offer, the level of quality we have already reached and punctual deliveries.

Over the years, Portavita has created clothes for some famous brands in the international arena. This classifies us as a factory that produces clothes of the highest quality.

In sync with the world, Portavita has accepted, modified and opened itself to the unfamiliar path.  From the first announcement of new regulations due to COVID- 19, our atelier Portavita has successfully repurposed to produce disposable coveralls for doctors, nurses and medical workers. We were responsible for the detailed research of necessary requirements. Our experts elaborated the methodology and the final models of protective overalls started to be sewn 3000-7000 units per day to assure the security of specialists. We had to use ISO Standards for elaboration of the product.

With effort and devotion of our workers we supplied doctors with 150 000 coveralls per month. From the first days, we’ve been producing and offering donations. In total, 20 hospitals and their medical personnel has been secured with essential equipment in a short amount of time.


Our concrete sustainable actions and goals. It is vital that we become responsible, because our actions today affect the future. In the current context in which climate change has become a general concern, taking responsibility for the impact on the environment has become a natural concern.

Amarena Secret has set 4 concrete goals to achieve in the next 2 years.

  • Significantly increase the proportion of environmentally friendly materials that have a minimal impact on the environment, e.g. using organic cotton, recycled polyester.
  • Reducing the percentage of packaging and plastic – instead of making the cardboard box, we want to use recycled cardboard box, made of recycled paper.
  • Renewable energy. We try to change our workshop to completely renewable and clean energy resources, such as the installation of solar panels.
  • To minimize the environmental impact of objects, we will only opt for road transport, which pollutes less than air or sea transport.

Our commitments

Our employees are aware of the importance of using environmentally friendly materials. We promote environmental protection through integrated water and waste management. Encouraging the professional development and personal fulfillment of all employees directly affects the sustainable activity of the workshop. To reduce our environmental footprint, we opted for greener methods, such as LED lighting to reduce electricity consumption. We also have special landfills for the correct separation of waste, e.g. paper, plastic and fabric.