The idea behind Amarena Secret is simple – to create a portable, high-quality shirt for every woman. Having several roles – mother, wife, CEO, sister, friend, the woman will always find the right shirt at Amarena Secret. The main goal of Amarena Secret is to make clothes that last beyond time, so you can wear it longer.
At Amarena Secret we place a special value on savoir- faire. We choose to import the raw material from the country of origin, while trying to use local resources. In the process of creating our elements, we develop innovative and environmentally friendly methods and materials.
Why Amarena Secret? Because we know everything about white shirts!
Our concrete sustainable actions and goals. In the current context in which climate change has become a general concern, taking responsibility for environmental impact has become a natural concern. Because it is vital to become responsible and because our actions today affects future, Amarena Secret has a series of goals to secure our future and the chance of future generations to have lives worth living.
Amarena Secret has 5 concrete goals to accomplish in next 2 years.

  • To increase significantly the proportion of environmentally friendly materials- that have minimal environmental impact e.g. using organic cotton, recycled polyester.
  • To reduce the percentage of packaging and plastic- instead of cardboard box manufacturing we want to use recycled cardboard box, made from recycled paper.
  • Renewable energy. We try to switch our atelier to fully renewable and clean energy resources, such as installing solar panels.
  • In order to minimise the environmental impact of the items we will opt for road transport only, which pollutes less than air or sea transport.

What we have already accomplished
Our employees are conscious about the importance of using eco-friendly materials. We promote environmental protection through integrated water and waste management. Encouraging the professional development and personal fulfillment of all employees, directly affects the sustainably activity of the atelier.
In order to reduce our environmental footprint, we have opted for methods which are more environmentally-friendly, such as LED lighting in order to reduce our electricity consumption. Also we have special deposits for correct separation of remains e.g. paper, plastic and fabric.
Through the movement zero waste, our left over and unsold pieces are donated to local orphanages, schools and technical universities.
Created in 2020, Amarena Secret is a fashion brand born and developed online. Our mission – to create shirts that emanate attitude and inspire to develop external and internal beauty. We appreciate simplicity and care for every detail, while looking for new effective approaches to our production. Amarena Secret’s creations transcend their status and become messengers of times, changes of trends and new moods that capture unique aspects of elegance and femininity, seduction and charm.
Amarena Secret is defined by a unique synthesis of magic and art of execution, expressed in the originality, modernity, durability and beauty of each creation.
Because we are a brand born on the internet, the absence of intermediaries and our own workshop gives us the opportunity to invest in quality, while offering an affordable price for our products. Amarena Secret is a brand based on responsible production, where everything is produced as accurately as possible. Our collections are launched in a limited number of pieces, therefore we avoid overproduction.
Amarena Secret is the result of an obsession to promote the beauty, uniqueness and elegance of every woman in her identical way of being.
Created by a woman who knows everything about white shirts, by an expert and professional in the field of fashion, Lilia Ragonaeț manages to make unique shirts that break the banal standards of today’s society.
Amarena Secret talks about the story of a strong woman. A woman who, from an early age, accepted the challenge of demonstrating her professional skills to the entire family, working over 70 hours a week.
Having more than 22 years of experience in the fashion industry, Lilia Ragonaeț decided to create her own brand of shirts. 10 years ago she focused on personal and professional development, but now in 2020 she has chosen to focus only on creations. Thus was born Amarena Secret, a contraction of passion and desire to promote beauty.

What inspires us?
Nature is the only place we get inspiration from.
Nature is the realm of the “mysterious woman” who gives birth to everything.
Inspiration comes from the beauty of nature – vineyards, orchards, love of life, open emotions. The smell of the apple, the apple blossoms, the quality of the fabric will be taken as the smell of the brand, associated with the pleasure of enjoying the first bite of the apple, which leaves juice and at the same time being so crunchy that its freshness is felt.

The Founder

Once upon a time, in 2019, Lilia Ranogaet , a fashion expert and blouse-enthusiast
decided to dedicate/devote her know-how and competence to find the perfect formula for your soulmate-attire.

In our own atelier PortaVita, the garment for your future blouse
is touched by  talented and skilful seamstresses.
With updated technological equipment, with social responsibility and good environmental practices,
we consacre our proficiency and artistry to Blouse and to You. Mélange of styles, forms and details for the Inspirational You.

Lilia Ranogaet